The University Grants Commission(UGC) was established after the implementation of the multi-university concept in Nepal.The UGC Act was approved by the Parliament on November 22,1993, which started functioning from 1994.UGC is responsible for allocation and disbursement of grants to the universities and their campuses,regulating their activities for quality assurance,coordinating universities for mutual cooperation, and formulating policies and programs on the establishment of new universities.


Second Higher Education Project(SHEP) envisages supporting reform in higher education to achieve:

*Enhanced quality and revelance of higher education and research through a set of Incentives for promoting effective management and financial sustainability of academic Institutions, and

* Improved access for academically qualified unde-privileged students, including girls,Dalits and educationally disadvantaged janajatis to higher education through financial assistance and enhanced capacity of higher secondary schools.

Education Management Information System

UGC through its Education Management Information System(EMIS) has been endeavoring to ensure the quality of higher education data by standardinzing the process of data collection,their effective management and their timely publication so as to establish UGC as a data coordinating system. Accordingly, a set of EMIS indicators have been prepared, statistical data forms developed and data publication brought out annually.